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Yes, I code. I’ve been coding since I was six years old. As I always get asked the following questions, I figured I would make a quick Q&A for everyone who’s interested in what I can and cannot do. Also, I do (occasionally) write about code.

Are you a full stack developer?

Yes. Next question.

How long have you been coding?

I’ve been programming since I was 6 years old. I started learning how to code by reading the manual of a Commodore 64. Back in those days, computers not only had manuals, but they were filled with code. So learning Basic through the Commodore 64 manual was my first experience with the keyboard.

What languages can you code in?

This question is always a laborious one to answer. I believe that if you’ve learned the fundamentals of programming properly there isn’t a single language you can’t learn how to code in within a matter of days. And so far I haven’t run in to a language that takes me more a few days to become proficient in. With that said, some people like to know what I’ve learned. So here is a random sampling of the languages I consider myself proficient in (in alphabetical order):

Just to be clear, the actual list of languages I am proficient in is a lot longer than this. But I figured I’d keep this list short and sweet.

What’s your current preferred language?

Currently, I’m having a grand old time with Python and JavaScript. So if you’re looking for me do anything and I have a choice of languages to use, then I’ll likely be using one or both of those.

If you do JavaScript then you’re familiar with NodeJS?

Yes. I am familiar with Node.

Do you work with any specific frameworks?

Yes, I do. I’m glad you didn’t confuse a language with a framework. Here are the ones I’m currently playing with (but again, this is not an exhaustive list):

Do you do databases, too?

I’m quite familiar with a few different database platforms out there. Currently, I interchangeably use the following:

If given a choice, I prefer NoSQL databases as opposed to relational databases; but there’s a tool for every scenario.

Can you build an API?

Yes. In fact, I prefer building APIs over almost anything else.

Do you do front-end work, too?

I don’t do design, but I can build a front-end if you need it.

Do you have a portfolio?

I don’t have a public portfolio because most of my work is under NDA and built for internal usage. As I said, I prefer to do API work and most of those have security requirements. I’ll be launching an app or two soon enough, though.

Wait, you do mobile, too?

Yes. In fact, besides APIs, it’s most of my work at the moment.

Do you do contract work?

I do, but I’m picky. Email me and we can discuss it.

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