Brand New Website
Fri Dec 14, 2018 · 216 words

I decided it was time to finally update my website. Honestly, I got tired of running my own server on Digital Ocean and maintaining it. I used to run a Ghost instance on a Ubuntu box just because I thought it would be cool.

It wasn’t.

I soon realized that I had neither the time nor patience to constantly maintain the Ghost updates or the Ubuntu updates. I have a thing about security so constant updates are a requirement for me.

So this version of my website is my attempt at simplification. I’m using Hugo as my content management platform. Hugo generates a static website for me which I then quickly push to Zeit Now. And Zeit ends up hosting it on their CDN (Cloudflare). This workflow comes along with some massive benefits:

  1. Because this site is pure static HTML/CSS, it loads incredibly fast.
  2. Zeit Now handles all of my SSL needs through let’s encrypt; so I don’t have to think about that anymore.
  3. Writing in markdown is incredibly simple; these days I like my life simple.
  4. Because this site is pure static HTML/CSS, it will always work.

I may end up changing the design every so often. However, this workflow is perfect for me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this workflow for a while.

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